Welcome to Rudra Education Academy. We vouch to provide the best education for IIT-JEE, NEET, BITSAT, VITEEE and other competetive examinations. Our mission is to create the future engineers as well as doctors and provide them the push they require to crack various competitive exams.

To make our country grow with impeccable rates, we must have a squad of high value engineers and doctors at out side, who can bolster the strength of the intelligence in our country. We, at Rudra, strive to grow our students into such intelligent people. We respect individual differences of our students and treat each of them equally.

Various students' activities are planned around the year. The activities mainly focus on students all-round development.
Rudra affirms that its sole purpose is to develop high quality personnel with a sound footing on basic science principles which can help them in entrance exams for engineering and medical.

Presently the following programs are successfully running at RUDRA EDUCATION ACADEMY, Rajkot. 

1. NEET Regular Course
2. NEET Dropper
3. JEE Regular Course
4. JEE Dropper Course
5. JEE - NEET exam series
6. Crash Courses for JEE and NEET